Shiromani Akali Dal - The Name For Progress

December 14 th 1920 would be counted as the day when the oldest and the most progressive political party was born in India. Punjab has never been the same since, and all that has been possible due to the undiluted and relentless efforts of Shiromani Akali Dal.

This is one assemblage of likeminded leaders that has always put the rights of the people of Punjab on top and even fought for them when the need arose. Ever since Shiromani Akali Dal came into being, its entire history has been a magnificent testimony of patriotism. The many struggles & agitations, the numerous victories & achievements that it has garnered over so many years of service stand as evidence of what all it has accomplished for the state of Punjab and its people.

By rooting their every endeavour in the soil of secularism and democracy, they have uplifted the weaker sections of our society, provided irrigation facilities, power plants, and airports; constructed wider highways for easy and uninterrupted commute and worked towards reforms that continue to benefit the people of Punjab.

This all has been possible under the exceptional leadership of Sukhbir Singh Badal. He is the young, dynamic, and highly educated president of Akali Dal who has worked day and night without straining a brow to turn the dream of prosperous and progressive Punjab into a reality.

Punjab as a state continues to be an example of a healthy infrastructure, superior governance and transparent policies. Its growth has been remarkable in the past nine years and the years ahead too will be no different.